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Kristin Thewes

“Jen is hands down the best coach I’ve ever had. She pushes you to achieve your best on every single touch and is there to lift you up when you make a mistake. Jen has taught me just about everything that I incorporate in my play, everything from correct footwork, to the no lookie cookie, she taught me how to be a better defender and how to be a leader on the court. She is incredibly knowledgable about the game and knows what it takes to win! Her passion is evident in the hard work she puts into make her teams the best they can be.”

Sara Elnozahy

“I’ve been working with Jen for nearly seven years now. Jen’s volleyball knowledge and range is remarkably extensive as she coaches all ages and all positions with the same degree of excellence. Training with Jen is something I always look forward to not only because of her fun personality while coaching, but because I improve every time I work with her! I made my first serve over the net with Jen, and I am excited to see where the skills she’s helped me develop over the years will take me in college!”

Becca Ross

“Coach Jen is a terrific instructor who demands 100% from her players through encouragement and imparting knowledge. She loves the game and teaching girls how to play it well. I have elevated some of the fine points of my game through her instruction such as meeting the ball at the highest point to hit and passing with a calmer platform. And she has the cutest little boy who attends a lot of court time!”

Morgan Prince

“I moved to Austin last summer before my freshman year at Hardin-Simmons University. Because of a referral I had gotten of Jen was so incredible, I had to check her out. I have now worked with Coach Jen for a year! She has been an incredible influence on my life encouraging me on and off the court. Her love for the game has driven me to do my best every time I stepped foot in the gym with her. I look forward to every opportunity to working with her because I always walk away with a smile on my face and a sweaty shirt because she pushes me to work so hard & encourages me every step of the way. Not only is her love for the game strong; but, her knowledge of the game is very high and explains it in a way that I remember and learn to implement it in my playing and training. Any chance I get I share her name because I know anyone who comes in contact with her will be blessed in many ways!”

Grace Rinn

“Being a part of something new is exiting. You get to set the example and pave the way for others who come behind you. You also get to experience trial and error, failure and success. Being a part of the very first Texas 512 team was just that. We stepped out of our comfort zone, and tried something new. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how this first year was going to go. But now I can say I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. As the first 15’s team we had to work hard because nothing came easy. We played really tough teams to place well in tournaments and climb in the rankings. We had to prove we were competitors.

As a new club many people didn’t know what to think of us, but we were able to show everyone what we are about. We worked for our teammates, our coaches, and the crowd that came to watch us. We strived to show in every game that we are cultivating greatness and we are growing as players and people. It wasn’t always easy, but it’s something I’m able to say I’m glad I was a part of. We surprised many teams and we turned many heads. We are doing great things in this club and I’m so excited to see how it will grow. Our team bonded and developed, and we definitely had a blast while doing it! We played hard on the court and laughed hard off the court. I couldn’t be more proud of my team this year. We played against some tough teams, had some mean refs, and had our fare share of injuries; but through it all our team pushed on and gave it our all. I am so thankful for Coach Sydny Yogi and her investment in us. She pushed us to help us improve, and motivated us throughout the process. She never gave up on us (which led to many many come back games), and she cared for us as people and wanted to help us grow and mature. I am so grateful for this first season of Texas 512, and I am excited to see what is in store for the club in the future!!”


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